Refugee Christmas Baskets

Join us in serving & building relationship with local refugees through our annual Christmas Basket initiative.




On Thanksgiving weekend, a group of us descended on Edmonds Park and gave out 200 “Thanksgiving Donuts”! Edmonds is one of the most refugee-dense areas in Greater Vancouver … Afghans, Syrians, Iraqis, Uzbeks, Somalians … the whole world seems to be crammed into this one little neighbourhood.

As you can imagine, people there are struggling deeply – from trauma to finances to isolation (even before COVID). This year, we want to bring our annual Christmas baskets to Edmonds – and we’re gearing up NOW. For the past few years Maan, Deve and their amazing elf team have been building these gorgeous baskets. YOU, our wonderful ENV family, has made this possible – with your generous contributions, and your willingness to deliver the baskets and then follow up. Generosity is the vehicle, but friendship is essentially what this project is about.

Would you befriend an Edmonds refugee this Christmas? Maan needs to know – right away – who wants to deliver a basket. Her team will build as many baskets as we have people willing to deliver them. Deve has been shopping since July! ENV, let’s love the refugees of Edmonds!