No amount of money, laws, programs, or experts can replace personally investing in others. D-Groups are groups of 2-4 people that intentionally get together a few times a month and discuss about how their relationship with God, one another and the world is going. No matter your source of belief, D-Groups is a place for friends, family, co-workers, and anyone in your social circles to discuss about the deeper things of life.So what does this look like?


What follows is a simple, transferable template for D-Groups which can be a one hour long conversation that allows you to REVIEW, READ and RESPOND. 




Take the first few minutes to catch up and see how everyone in the group is doing from the the last time you met together. Some good questions you could ask are, “What did you take away from last time (refer to the previous meeting’s discussion)?” or “How did what we talked about go for you?”

Everyone has a source that they draw from. In D-Groups we start and finish with God’s word, as we read a short Bible passage and then give one thought/example on the main point. We recommend reviewing the most recent ENV sermon and asking the content questions provided.


Helpful questions for this are “What questions/thoughts do you have about this passage?” and “How is this passage personally helpful?”

There are many ways to respond to God’s word, and a helpful way we find to is reflect on the verse we read and ask three questions of each person in the group, “based on what was said in the verse, how is your relationship with God, one another and the world?” After working through these it is good to ask, “In light of last time, how will you move forward in all three relationships?” and then pray for one another.


Sermon Summary Sept 12

Sermon Summary Sept 12

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“What did you take away from last time?”
[Refer to last week’s responses.] “How did that go?”


1 Peter 3:20-21

Discussion Questions:
Truth - What is the main point of this passage?

Repentance - How does this impact your personally

Faith - How might God be asking you to respond?

“Ask God, how can today’s discussion further your relationship with God, one another, and the world?
Pray together.  [Record responses and prayer requests.] 

If you are new to ENV or are currently looking to be a part of a D-Group, please check out the communities of our church by clicking the button below. Once you find a group that is in your area, reach out to the leader and they will get back to you.

*For the "READ" portion of your D-Groups, there are several options for content to help you below.


Explore the Bible is designed to help anyone read and comprehend the bible for the first time. If you'd rather head right for the source, Explore the Bible is a great format to help find out what God's word says by directly reading scripture. ​​



Use this material to have discussions surrounding what the bible says about various topics and life issues.

Use this material to have discussions surrounding apologetics.