Frequently asked questions

What is a Sunday service like?

​We follow a basic pattern of music, teaching, and response. Instead of trying to put on a big show, we focus on helping you connect with God and people. We hope to be a warm, open, and welcoming place, regardless of your background.

What about my kids?

​ENV is family-friendly. We run a kids program that is safe, fun, and meaningful. If you have specific questions about your kids, email us at and we’ll get right back to you.

I’m new to ENV. How do I get connected?

We want to make it as easy as possible to get connected. We suggest three things:
1. Try visiting our Sunday service four weeks in a row, to get to know our “personality.” If you have any questions, check out the Connection Centre in the foyer.
2. Check out a class. If you are new to church, look into Christianity 101. This class explores frequently asked questions about God, life and Christianity. If you have a Christian background, we encourage you to take Transformations. This course helps lay a solid, life-giving foundation in your relationship with God. All the dates for upcoming classes can be found here.
3. Find a Community. All our Communities meet monthly as a big group, and then weekly or bi-weekly in smaller groups for those who want to deepen their relationship with God and others. If you want help finding a group that fits you, go to our Communities page.

How can I get involved?

​If you have a special talent or interest, or just want to help serve, talk to someone at the Connection Centre at the back of the church. This is better than filling out a form because we can meet you personally.

Is ENV part of a denomination?

ENV receives extra-local oversight from Every Nation Churches and Ministries. Since its establishment in 1994, EN is now in over 80 nations. It emphasizes church planting, campus ministry, and world missions. EN provides relational support and accountability to local churches through developing leadership, ordaining elders, mediating church conflicts, maintaining doctrinal and moral purity, and championing the ministry’s vision and values. For more information on Every Nation, visit

​Who is the lead pastor?

​Dr. Greg W. Mitchell founded the church in 2000. In addition to pastoring at ENV, he is an international speaker, author, and “pastor to pastors.” He has pastored for over 25 years in Vancouver, Canada, and has received a Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Christian Counseling, Master of Christian Studies, and Doctor of Ministry. Greg and Debbie have been married for 30 years and have four wonderful children, Jessica, Tyler, Toby and Jonathan, ages 16-27 years old. Seven years ago, they became the parents to five more amazing kids; Jonah, Yemill, Isaac, Noah, Eunice and Naomi ages 8-21 years old. When he’s not at home or work, you can find him on a mountain bike trail or trying to keep up with the young guys in ball hockey. His deepest passion is to see the good news of the gospel transform people’s relationships.

What are ENV’s core beliefs?

ENV is built on a core set of Biblical beliefs, which allows leaders to express their own personality and values, while still being unified.

Truth –Jesus is the source of truth. We know the truth objectively through His inerrant Word and personally by His Spirit (Jn.4:23; 14:6; 5:39-40; 2Ti.3:16; He.8:10-11).
God – God is relationship (1 in 3), and we worship Him as Lord and Saviour, for He is unequalled authority and pure love (Ps.62:11-12; 2Co.13:14; 2Pe.3:18).
Relationship – While we are born sinners, and sin and selfishness break relationship, we are made in God's image to receive and give his love (Ge.1:26; Mt.10:8, 22:37-40, 28:18-20).
Love – Love is a motive of choosing others over self. It’s two main qualities are mercy (for criminals) and justice (for victims) (Ze.7:9; Ro.13:10; 1Co.16:14).
Discipleship – We help people intentionally follow Jesus toward relational health through truth > repentance > faith (Pr. 28:13; Mk.1:15; Ga.2:20; Pp.2:5-11).
Gospel – Jesus' sacrifice fulfills our repentance: mercy forgives our crimes and grace empowers us to love and obey (Ac.2:38; Ro.1:21; 1Co.15:10; 2Th.1:8-9).
Church – We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural, and imperfect missional community of faith (Mt.28:19; 2Co.5:18; Ep.2:19; 2Ti.2:2; 1Pe.2:9).
Ministry – All ministry is 100% man and 100% God, where we are ministers of reconciliation, and God makes things grow (Lk.4:18-19; 1Co.3:6; 2Co.5:18).
Leaders – To foster a discipleship movement, we model, minister and mentor in faith versus anxiety, and love versus selfishness (Mk.10:42-46; He.13:7; 2Ti.2:2).
Hope – Christ is establishing his Kingdom on earth. The unrepentant will suffer judgment; the forgiven will live and rule with Christ (Mt.6:10; Re.11:15-18, 20:6; 21:1-4).

Still have questions?

​Call us at 604.434.5411 or email