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For 2021's week of Prayer, Fasting & Consecration our theme is "Awesome God". This is a chance to set aside some of the normal things in our lives to check our own hearts to see where we are out of alignment with Him after this crazy year. While this is a "pushing out of comfort zones moment" for our church each year, it is also one of the most highly anticipated seasons. There is something that happens in our hearts and in our church when we choose Him over our comfort. We can't wait to have you join us for this time. As we head into this time there are a few things to note. Please take a moment to review below - let's go through this week with great intentionality & faith!


Saturday & Sunday,  Jan 9th & 10th: The Plan & Introduction
Daily Devotionals + 9:30am PreService Prayer on Zoom + 10:30am Church Service online

Monday, Jan 11th: God is Transcendent
Daily Devotional + 12:30pm Mid Day Encouragement on Zoom + 8pm Prayer Meeting on Zoom

Tuesday, Jan 12th: God is Unchanging
Daily Devotional + 12:30pm Mid Day Encouragement on Zoom + 8pm Prayer Meeting on Zoom

Wednesday, Jan 13th: God is Sovereign
Daily Devotional + 10am Sanctuary on Zoom + 12:30pm Mid Day Encouragement on Zoom
1pm 1040 Prayer on Zoom + 6pm Canada Wide Prayer Meeting on Zoom

Thursday, Jan 14th: God is Just
Daily Devotional + 12:30pm Mid Day Encouragement on Zoom + 8pm Prayer Meeting on Zoom


Friday, Jan 15th: God is Long-Suffering
Daily Devotional + 12:30pm Mid Day Encouragement on Zoom + 8pm Prayer Meeting on Zoom


Saturday & Sunday,  Jan 16th & 17th: God is Kind + Celebration
Daily Devotional + 9:30am PreService Prayer on Zoom + 10:30am Church Service online


Each year there are two main parts to this week. There is a section of it that is individual, and there is the section that is corporate. It's a wonderful mirror of how our Faith is always about us and God, but also about us in community. We get to walk that out this week!

YOU & GOD: So what do you do on your own?

Once you have the guide (whether that's a paper copy, the app or the pdf online) you get to spend some time planning your fast. The first section of the guide ("My Plan") goes over the options for fasting as well as an overview of what's coming and a space to interact with God on what you'll be praying about. We suggest doing that part first by Sunday. Then on Sunday there is an Intro section to work through (shockingly called, "Introduction"). From there our fast starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Throughout the week there is a daily devotional for you to work through, and any corporate gatherings we have will at least loosely be based on that day's theme. Plan to spend at least half an hour each day in prayer working through these  devotionals. There is an additional devotional day this year - we're planning to do this on Saturday as a way to continue our connection with God, even after we've broken our fast. Lastly we will be having a Celebration Service on Sunday - we can't wait to get to rejoice with you all over all He has done.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind as you head into this week is to make sure we don't get swept up in normal life - we can easily end up taking things out of our week (the things we're fasting from) only to forget to add back in more of Him! It takes a conscious effort to continually align our minds and hearts, our schedules and rhythms, with what He is doing in us and with us. 

The Details: Apps, guides & more.

We handed out the weekly prayer guide in your ENV Fam gift, but you can also find it on the new Every Nation App here. If you're not an app person you can find it online (pdf here), or email for a physical copy to be sent to you.

Every Nation has also put out a Spotify Playlist curated for this week theme: Awesome God. It's a helpfully upbeat worship playlist that is easy to have on in the background while you do life this week - helping keeping our days soaked in Him!

As you prepare, we encourage you to take a moment to listen to the below video by our movements President Steve Murrell. it's an 8 minute look at preparing our hearts to fast, and what it looks like to be expectant and faith filled in biblical ways. 

ENV FAM: The church is about relationship - here's how we connect!

This week is more than just a personal connection with God. It's a time to come together as a church community (especially in this scattered season) to align our hearts with God and believe Him for His will to be done here in our lives, our church, our city and our world. With that need for connection in mind we have planned a few ways to gather. 

Daily Church-Wide Gatherings

Each year a highlight of this week is our daily evening prayer meetings - we will lay out the schedule below - this is where we come together as a church to intercede, praise, and be together with Him. Each evening will be led by one of our pastors and one of the nights we will join our greater Every Nation Canada for a country wide prayer time. As well, due to the online moment we're living in, we've also been able to add mid-day encouragements for you. The idea is to take a quick 30 minutes (12:30 to 1pm) each day to go through a devotional via zoom with you all. These will be hosted by different members of our community each day - and will be more devotional in style, than the evening prayer meetings. We hope this time frame serves those of you that are working (conveniently placed during your lunch hour!), at home with kids (nap time!) or doing any other number of things. You can join via the same zoom link for both the mid-day and the evening gatherings!

Smaller Group Gatherings

We encourage you to find a time to connect with your D Group this week. It can be powerful to pray with the people closest to us during this time. On top of that there are three other smaller group prayer opportunities to keep in mind. On both Sundays we would encourage you to join the Pre-Service prayer that meets weekly. This prayer time positions our church as we go into each week's service. You can join Sundays at 9:30am on Zoom here! Wednesday is our big weekly prayer day at ENV. Both our Women's prayer group (Sanctuary at 10am, passcode: 438286) and our International team (1040 Prayer at 1pm, passcode: 111111) meet to pray. For this week they would love to have as many of you join them.