Acts: Bearing the Name


April 10, 2022


“What did you take away from last time?” [Refer to last week’s responses.] “How did that go?”   

Sermon Summary:  In Ch 4 Peter & John are arrested for healing the lame man and for proclaiming Jesus and resurrection from the dead.  In the past, Peter was someone who was filled with fear and concerned for his own rights and freedoms.  Here he is now someone empowered by the Spirit and noticed as someone who has been with Jesus.  Instead of his own rights he is more concerned with knowing Jesus and making Him known.  We are invited, as ordinary people, to live like Peter: to lay down our fear and our rights and in the power of the Spirit, to know Jesus and make Him known.


Key Passage: Acts 4:1-22 

Discussion Questions:

Truth: What is it that marks Peter & John that is so observable to those they encounter here?

Repentance: What are the identities that you are holding on to that might rival the mark of Christ on your life?              

Faith: What step of faith might God be inviting you to take so that you might be experienced as one who has been with Jesus?               


Ask God, how can today’s discussion further your relationship with God, one another, and the world? Pray together. [Record responses and prayer requests.]