Acts: Cosmic Battle


April 24, 2022


“What did you take away from last time?” [Refer to last week’s responses.] “How did that go?”   

Sermon Summary:  Dullness is a clear sign of spiritual attack but when opposition comes, the battle is revealed. Our response is to pray – to confess God's sovereignty, the world’s futility, and our devotion to God and His purposes. God's response is to fill us with the power to declare and demonstrate His name.      


Key Passage: Acts 4:23-31 

Discussion Questions:  

Truth: In the face of persecution, what did Jesus' followers pray about – what did they say about God, the world, and themselves?             

Repentance: What can dull us to the spiritual battle we are in? What “awakens” us to the spiritual battle we are? How can when we tell when hardship is a result of our sin or our love?             

Faith: What does it look like to “fight”? How does God respond?               


Ask God, how can today’s discussion further your relationship with God, one another, and the world? Pray together. [Record responses and prayer requests.]