Acts: Culture Clash


May 29, 2022


“What did you take away from last time?” [Refer to last week’s responses.] “How did that go?”   

Sermon Summary:  Stephen responded to the accusations that he was being blasphemous by stating that it was actually they who were missing God. His counter point is that their age-old, stiff-necked nature was resisting the Holy Spirit and thereby distorting the message of Jesus to seem blasphemous rather than the fulfilment of all they'd longed for. This caused a culture clash between the religious system and God's kingdom. We too miss the fulfilling nature of following Jesus due to our own resistance of the Holy Spirit. Our religious system elevates ourselves as god, and Jesus becomes a threat to that Kingdom. As we invite the Holy Spirit to remove our pride we see Jesus' message as fulfillment rather than blasphemy towards our gods of self.      


Key Passage: Acts 6:9 - 7:53

Discussion Questions:  

Truth: What are the "laws" and "temples" in your life that you are worried Jesus will "change" and "destroy"? How does Jesus want to be the fulfillment of those things?                      

Repentance: What does being "stiff-necked" look like in your life? How does this skew Jesus message?

Faith: How can the Holy Spirit help us to see Jesus for who he truly is?                       


Ask God, how can today’s discussion further your relationship with God, one another, and the world? Pray together. [Record responses and prayer requests.]