Acts: Fear of the Lord


May 8, 2022


“What did you take away from last time?” [Refer to last week’s responses.] “How did that go?”   

Sermon Summary:  God gives us financial “power” so we can love others. Sadly, Ananias and Sapphira used their wealth for self-serving purposes. Left unaddressed, that misuse of power would sow mistrust in the community, thereby undermining love and unity at its core. Power is purified through accountability (fearing the Lord) and giving it away.  


Key Passage: Acts 5:1-11 

Discussion Questions:  

Truth:  Contrast Barnabas in Acts 4:34-37 with Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5:1-3. If money is a form of God-given power, how is it used rightly?              

Repentance:  What is the impact on a community when we are selfish and deceptive in our use of money or other forms of power?           

Faith:  What are unhealthy extremes of how we use money or power? What does faith look like?                   


Ask God, how can today’s discussion further your relationship with God, one another, and the world? Pray together. [Record responses and prayer requests.]