Easter: Resurrection Encounters


April 17, 2022


“What did you take away from last time?” [Refer to last week’s responses.] “How did that go?”   

Sermon Summary:  John 20 records the first three interactions Jesus had with people after He rose from the dead. He met Mary in her grief, His followers in their fear, and Thomas in his doubt. Together they reveal the significance of the resurrection — for it is the event that brings hope into our grief, love into our fears, and faith into our doubts.      


Key Passage: John 20:11-29 

Discussion Questions:

Truth: What were the issues that Mary, Jesus’ followers, and Thomas struggled with? How did Jesus address each of their struggles? Why is the resurrection key to them finding freedom from their struggles?             

Repentance: Which of these struggles do you most identify with? In what circumstances do you particularly experience this?             

Faith: How does the resurrection help that particular issue? What is God inviting you to believe and do? Pray for each other in this regard.                


Ask God, how can today’s discussion further your relationship with God, one another, and the world? Pray together. [Record responses and prayer requests.]