What are the exact details of this change? 

Beginning Sunday, September 8th we’ll be replacing our sole 10:30am with two services. The first will begin at 9:30am and end at 10:45am. The second service will begin at 11:00am and end at 12:15pm. Our primary location in the Langara A130 lecture theatre remains unchanged. 


Is there a deeper vision beyond the practical needs for more space? 

Our family is an amazing place to meet Jesus and be discipled! We feel called to set a table for more people to be welcomed into our community. Sometimes it feels costly to create space in your home for new people and we understand that there is some sacrifice involved in this new endeavour. However, it seems good to us and the Holy Spirit that we call our family into a new season of making room. Our prayer is that this both draws us deeper into God’s heart for the world around us and deeper into his power and presence in our own lives. Thank you for your trust in ENV leadership to keep advancing our call to multiply disciples. 


I see empty seats on a Sunday. Why do we need to add a service?

There have been a few Sundays this past year that we’re quite squishy but the primary reason for the extra service is to give people more options. Statistically, Sunday Church attendance grows when an extra service is added simply because more options allow for more opportunities to attend a Sunday. Currently, our Church database of active members exceeds our seating capacity at Langara.


Why aren’t we moving to a bigger location instead of adding another service? 

There are two main reasons. Firstly, we feel called to serve Langara practically. We’ve developed a special relationship with them and we don’t feel like we should let go of that. Our family is deeply committed to campus ministry and this location serves us well in our mission to reach students. Secondly, Langara is a very affordable option for us. The money we save using the Langara lecture is poured directly into practical ministry.


Will we lose our ability to connect with everyone? 

The great part about having two services with a coffee break in between is that everyone crosses paths at that time. We encourage you to stick around after the first service or come early to the second to make sure you see everyone!

Will there be Kids Church at both services? 

Yes. It’s important that we have a kids program at both so that families can be present at both services. Now that we have two services it’s also much less of a sacrifice to serve on these teams as well since you never have to miss a service anymore! If this causes you to consider serving in Kids Church we encourage to speak with Leah Lim. 


How should I decide which service to go to? 

It’s entirely up to you. Talk with your family and friends and decide which would work better for you. If you have no preference for a service we’d encourage you to consider the 9:30 am in order to make room for those who will be coming later.


Will the services be different? 

The intention is to make the services as similar as possible. While we’re always going to be responsive to what the Holy Spirit is doing in a moment we’ll never plan different things for different services.


If you have any further questions in regards to the two services, please feel free to contact Pastor Matt at matt.johnson@envan.ca