Equip Course

Spring Module Registration is Open!

Followers of Jesus are called to multiply disciples who love God, one another, and the world. This is the heart of Every Nation, and through Equip, we want to develop this heart together! Equip is our in-house training school for whole-life discipleship and we encourage you to make this intentional investment in your walk with Jesus.

Cost $29
Runs May 5th - June 17th

Spring Module 2024: Loving the World

Equip is a primarily online course with a few in-person sessions. Our orientation class will be a crash course on how to use our online platform.

In-person Schedule:

Overall Equip Syllabus

Fall Module – Loving God

Orientation meeting

Ministry Experience – Temple Tour. Leaders from other religions will give you a guided tour of their faith and houses of worship.

1a. God's Story

Lectures – Story of God: Relationship à Rebellion à Reconciliation à Rule.

Lab – Prepare to share your Plan of Engagement and complete a quiz on the “Relational Theology” table.

Live Class – Relational Theology

1b. Connecting with God

Lectures – How to read the Bible and pray.

Lab – Do a Bible study quiz and submit a “Daily Devotion.”

Live Class – Devotions

1c. A Life of Worship

Lectures – Time, Money, and Speaking.

Lab – Submit a “sermon” outline, and a vision statement for work.

Live Class – The Decalogue

Winter Module – Loving One Another

Orientation meeting 

Ministry Experience – Freedom Weekend. Experience spiritual freedom by engaging in prayer ministry with a small group.

2a. Church Community

Lectures – Membership, Discipleship, D-Groups.

Lab – Meet with someone in church that you do not know and is from another culture. Write 250 words on that experience.

Live Class – Covenant 

2b. Healthy Relationships

Lectures – Dating, Marriage, Family.

Lab – Write 500 words on your Biblical view of either dating, marriage, or family.

Live Class – Relational Spectrum, Drama Triangle

2c. The Process of Change

Lectures – Resurrection Path, Courageous Conversations, Listening.

Lab – 500-word report on a Courageous Conversation.

Live Class – Courageous Conversation demo, and practice listening.

Spring Module – Loving the World

Orientation meeting

Ministry Experience – Bold Evangelism. After a workshop on how to present the gospel and pray for people’s needs, you will hit the streets and minister to the lost.

3a. Evangelism

Lectures – Spiritual conversations, 3-Stories, World Missions.

Lab – Write a 250-word report on a recent 3-Story conversation.

Live Class – Demo 2 questions, Christian Message role play.

3b. Leadership

Lectures – Leadership, Anxiety, your S.H.A.P.E..

Lab – Present a recent D-Group outline using the 3 R’s.

Live Class – Calling and anxiety


Graduation Sunday

Hand in your Relational Formation book report

Hand in your Discipleship Paper